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Urakasumi Hiyaoroshi Tokubetsu Junmai Namazume "Misty Bay"

caramel spices, soft, smooth.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this fall favorite “namazume” single pasteurized sake is a cool collection of caramel, powdered sugar, sweet potato, butter, and maple syrup aromas. We are always glad to have this special Fall Draft sake in-house every autumn. Using Sasanishiki milled to 60% this is a relaxed Hiyaoroshi that is smooth, velvety, rich, and viscous that oxidizes well in the glass. Layered with a gentle-sweetness look for hints of steamed rice, nougat, caramel, pear juice, oats, maple syrup, and vanilla flavors that linger with both a complexity and easiness that speaks to wine fans. Made for the fall fatty flavors of Miyagi seafood this brew is very elegant to pair with local rich fall flavors. WORD: Rich WINE: Complex Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Stouts FOODS: Fatty fish, plump fowl, meat, game, soups, stews of the season.  (2022)


The nose on this seasonally released single-pasteurized brew is a nice collection of pear, raisin, potato, cereal, honey, plums, chocolate, and steamed rice aromas. Smooth, round, savory, creamy, and rich, this fan-favorite fall draft sake drinks with a lot of flavors on a flow that is balanced and teases a lot of umami. Look for cocoa, caramel, cinnamon, apple pie, chocolate strawberries, toast, maple syrup, and steamed sweet rice flavors that open up as the sake warms in the glass. This year’s version is a little drier than year’s past, which gives the body some lightness, and a quicker finish. It’s still viscous and chewy but lighter and dryer with a little spice tingle. WORD: Rich WINE: Zesty Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Salty and savory, rich and full-bodied, creamy and fried. (2021)