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Yamamoto Yuzu Omoi Yuzushu "Citrus Dream"

bright and fun.

Okay folks! Every once in a while it’s fun to try a different type of sake and this is it. Basically this is a Tokubetsu Junmai sake with all-natural Yuzu (a Japanese citrus that is sort of lemony-orange) juice added to it. It is low in alcohol 7% and is considered to be sweet. The nose is obviously very citrusy and the first sip – after you smile – says that this is not a silly sake but a very flavorful drinking experience. There is an abundance of fat and chewy (but not goopy) citrus flavors that are balanced by a firm acidity all on a smooth and expansive flow. It is sweet, but not overtly so. This is not a cheap infused sake that you see out on the market with apple and lychee fake flavors, rather this a quality sake with quality Yuzu added for an amazingly bright and fun mouth party. WORD: Yuzu WINE: Sweet wines BEER: Citrus pale ales FOODS: Desert foods, fruit salads.