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Choryo Yoshinosugi Futsushu Taru "Cedar Country"

Futsushu Taru
Some makers throw chunks of cedar into tanks for the flavor, but this brewery makes specific cedar barrels to age their “taru” sake in for full flavor and aroma. The nose on this brew is indeed woody, cedary and peppery! This is a very gentle but flavorful cedar sake that drinks very smooth with cedar whispers in each sip. Thick and balanced with a gentle sweetness that does not distract from mild cedar elements. Hints of sweet rice, honey, and a touch of pepper balance out the gentle flow of this sake that gets more cedary as it warms. A mid-sized glass works best! WORD: Smooth Cedar WINE: Oaky Chardonnay BEER: Woody Belgians FOODS: A very amazing food pairing sake that takes on smoky fare, salty and savory – think the grill!