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Sake List – Top TEN Grillin’ Sakes

GrillinIs it me or does the summer curtain feel like its coming down? Well we might as well go out in flames or have one hell of a Bar-B-Q! Right? Of course sake was made for a grill and that is no bull. Anything salty on a stick – hello? Anything grilled and savory – you know it! Veggies with some char lines – you betcha! Sake pairs so well with all things grilled and BBQ’ed and it’s time that you know it! So chuck those old beers and those crappy bottles of party-leftover-wines, and get into ten sakes that will make your Labor Day Weekend one to remember:

10. Cowboy Yamahai

  • This beefy Ginjo has a very appropriate name and is great with the grill!

9. Wakatake Onikoroshi Genshu “Demon Slayer”

  • This Demon Slayer is a beast for salty and savory grilled fare on a stick!

8. Umenishiki Sakehitosuji “Gorgeous Plum”

  • This bright and fruity genshu explodes with flavor with grilled fish!
Grillin August 2014b

7. Urakasumi “Misty Bay”

  • This Miyagi sake is super pals with steamed shellfish and grilled oysters!

6. Suehiro Densho Yamahai Junmai "Ancient Method"

  • This super smooth and velvety Junmai is dynamite with grilled veggies!

5. Tedorigawa Yamahai “Silver Mountain”

  • This flavorful brew does wonders in a Yakitori – think what it can do for your grill!

4. Amabuki “Sunflower”

  • Say hello to a sake made with a sunflower yeast and it is unpasteurized, which means flowers in the raw to go with that grilled corn and those veggies!

3. Kikusui Funaguchi “Monster Can”

  • A BBQ is code for a party and this massive can of awesomeness will rock your party and your grill!

2. Kirinzan “Classic”

  • Affordable and tasty is also BBQ’s best friend, so why not show up with one of those really big sake bottles “Ishobin” for $48 and look like a rock star!

1. Ozeki Taru Sake “Famous Samurai”

  • For those awesome grillers who use mesquit or wood instead of charcoal brickettes then this sake is for you as the cedar flavor will totally rock your smokiness!
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