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Secret Santa - 5 Great Gifts To Rock The Office Party

Secret Santa December 2014a

Yup! Sometimes it is awkward as hell, Ye Ol office gift exchange program that can either be ho-hum or simply a huge disaster. But it doesn’t have to be, and with these five gift ideas you can go from Secret Santa to Super Santa just like that. Herewith are five very unique ways to make your “small within budget” gift rock the house and make that scented candle look as crappy as it really smells.

1. Otokoyama Can – Tokubetsu Junmai $8

  • This awesome little can has a very cool looking woodpecker on it. And how cool is a sake can with a woodpecker on it?

2. Shunnoten Cup Sake – Tokubestu Junmai $9

  • Sake in a cup? You bet! This handsome cup sake has a great image of a fisherman casting his net into the ocean hoping to catch Secret Santa fame.

3. Suehiro “Poochi Poochi” – Sparkling Sake $13

  • Poochi Poochi is the sound of bubbles popping and imagine what your giftee will do when you tell them that! Sparkling in a Champagne flute will bring you legendary status amongst the Secret Santa crew.
Secret Santa December 2014

4. Ippongi Hannya “Hot Devil” – Spicy Umeshu $11

  • Who said your Secret Santa gift had to be angelic? Why not go with a very fun drinking sweet and spicy little number that screams “Hot Devil”?

5. The Sake Drinking Game – Game Set for Drinking Sake With Friends $37.50

  • Who doesn't like a drinking game around the holidays? Imagine sitting with some friends and spinning a dreidel like spinner that has a different cup size on each side. Spin a certain size and you have to drink out of that sized cup from thimble small to as big as a little shot glass. Fun! (You'll have to stop by the store to pick up this one.)
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