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Sake Party – The Tenth Anniversary of Sake Day!

Well, how does it feel? How does it feel knowing that you good readers have been a part of one of the most important – and fun – sake events around the globe for the past decade? This event was created by sake fans for sake fans and those fans are you! Of what do we speak? Oh a little sake sensation called Sake Day – Nihonshu no Hi or the day of sake! How cool is that sake has a day? And it is you who have brought awareness and attention to this glorious day!

Sake Day is different! It’s as much exploration with education as it is with consumption. We feel a need to think when we drink and that is a mantra that separates this event from others. For years we have been honing this events “Sake Challenges” where we literally challenge you to take your sake appreciation even further. Sure it’s fun to taste sakes, but it’s even more fun when you use your palate to distinguish between three different sakes discovering which sake has the highest acidity or the lowest SMV.

Sake Day 2015 August 2015

If you have been then you know! If you have not been then aren’t you tired of reading about it for all of these years? That’s it! This is the year that you will do something about it and it’s called have a fun weekend in San Francisco. So book your tickets and get a hotel room or AirBnB a room and have a blast for this biggest and best Sake Day yet! We cannot wait to finally see you and to share the sake happiness! (Click Here For Tickets)

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