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Scary Sake – Halloween Costume Cup Give-A-Way at True Sake

Scary Sake October 2015b

It’s a fact – pure and simple! Sake is intimidating! So intimidating that some call it scary! It’s not scary people! But I get it. So to make this point I will use a little Halloween trivia to help disarm all those who are afraid! In 1978 the slasher movie aptly called Halloween was released to a terrified America. It was one of those kind of films that makes its historical mark in Hollywood and gets credit for a whole new genre. Why was it scary? That mask! That totally creepy mask that Michael Myers wore! That mask became an icon for an entire new industry of scary movies. And what a mask it was! But what really was that mask?

Well, if you are a low budget scary movie that has little or no money to create a new specially designed mask you go out to your local Halloween costume store and buy a mask to modify it! You purchase a cheap off the shelf mask and perhaps bleach it white. Maybe you trick up the hair a little. And maybe just maybe you cut the eye holes a little larger, and voila a new and spooky, dare I say scary mask. But what was the original mask? Well what was popular in the late 70’s. Did you say Star Trek? Correct! And there were a lot of kids who wanted to be Captain Kirk for Halloween! Yes! That mask was a Captain Kirk mask.

Scary Sake October 2015c

So doesn't that make Halloween the movie a little less scary? Well to make sake a little less scary I want to direct you to a little bit I wrote about last year having to do with scary sake facts – it will help lend some perspective! Please check out:Sake Facts – Sake Isn’t Scary …… Or Is It?

And if you want a second list of spooky sakes to check out then take a gander at this spooky list from two years ago: Sake Selections – Boooo! Top 10 Scariest Sakes For Halloween

And lastly on Saturday October 31st we will be having the first “Halloween Costume Cup Give-A-Way!” Come dressed up in a costume and receive a wonderful cup of sake from our Jack-O-Lantern-O-Cups! And if you show up in a Michael Myers Halloween mask you may just receive a bonus! Could be a shotgun blast to the gut or maybe a nice brew from Niigata! You never know!

So come to True Sake on the 31st and help us make sake a little less scary!!

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