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Top Ten List – 10 Sakes That Go Great Cold … Very Cold!

Top 10 Auugust 2015a

Sake –like wine – should never be served really cold. But, when it is so gosh darn hot out exceptions should be made! Add to that the summer poolside factor and indeed your brews should be a little colder under that shining sun. And yes! There are some sakes actually made and packaged specifically for freezing to drink like a sake slushy or sake-rita! So herewith are ten sakes that can actually take the deep chill and taste great when they arrive on the very cool side.

  • 1) Taisetsu - Junmai Ginjo
    This sake is known for being stored in frozen igloo-like domes, but I like its subtle minerality, which is like biting into a snowball.
Top Ten Augus 2015b
  • 2) Kikusui – Junmai Ginjo
    A long-standing store favorite this Junmai Ginjo from Niigata drinks far more clean when it has a bit of a chill to it.
  • 3) Mizunoshirabe – Ginjo
    Any sake with the word “water” in its name usually makes for a good colder sake, and this Kyoto special is no exception.
  • 4) Jozen White – Junmai Ginjo
    This very clean and dry sake takes on a whole new profile when brought to a bigger chill as it gets slippery and more smooth.
  • 5) Yukikage – Junmai
    This clean Junmai is called the “Snow Shadow” for good reason. It was born using pure snowmelt from Niigata. Talk about Cool!
  • 6) Kirinzan – Junmai
    Some sakes are clean to begin with, and when you chill them they get cleaner! But when you really chill this sake it goes ultra clean.
Top Ten August 2015c
  • 7) Kariho Rokushu – Junmai Ginjo
    Some like it dry! But have you ever tried super clean, smooth and dry? This Akita sake tastes a lot like snow when it gets chilly.
  • 8) Akitabare – Junmai Daiginjo
    Say hello to a whisper sake! This brew is so layered and elegant, but it fools you with how clean it drinks. Now really chill it!
  • 9) Otokoyama – Junmai Can
    Cans are cool! And cans can get cold. This very dry, clean, and smooth brew from Hokkaido knows the cold – it likes the cold!
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