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Want to Get Warm?

Welcome to the 137th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this super heated issue we take a very fun look at warming sake with a do it yourself kit, read about 5 “tips” that will help your sake warming ways, check out the amazing new window covers at True Cup that will have the town talking “under wraps,” go into the “wayback machine” and read some past sake warming issues and discover some great brews to heat up, get to True Sake to meet the hardest working man in the sake and music business, welcome our dear friends from Kirin Zan when Niigata sake comes to True Sake, come find some new seasonal brews in the new store arrivals, feast on Mei’s Top Five List of her favorite hot sakes, try a real three temperature brew in the Beau-Zone, and read how you made this the best year on record for True Sake and how True Cup will be your reward!


In this issue:


Consider this... 

We are soon to transition out of some glassware and sake sets! If you have had your eye on some cups and things please pay us a visit soon as the current glassware tower will soon be replaced by a new sake selection station. Times are a changing!

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