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The Luck of the I Wish!

Welcome to the 139th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this special issue that could very well have the luck of the Irish read about how the sake industry continually improves itself via communication between the end-seller and the producer, put your thinking cap on and learn why sake and alcohol need to relax if they want to balance and blend to perfection, check out our newest feature on the website, which is a long asked for video section called A) The Sake Spotlight B) The Weekly Sake Spotlight or C) Sake Of the Week where we briefly review a sake of note, then circle your calendar for Sake Day 2016, be amused by a video that a new start up did about us with an in-store tasting that has a glitch, take in the Top Ten sakes that feature water play, feast on some wonderful new store arrivals, Beau-Zone yourself to a Cabin in The Snow, and chew on the real reason why the True Sake window displays are always so fresh and unique.

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In this issue:

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