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Top 5 List - Mei's Five Favorite Warming Sakes

Kamoizumi Shusen

  • This is one of the BEST sake for thinking outside of the box! Mushroom, woody, and earthy but yet a slight sweet creamyness when warmed! Well balanced and put together! You can do cold but I prefer this hot!

Mei's Top 5 Hot Sakes January 2016 A

Seko Ninja

  • We stopped carrying this bottle for about 2 years. It just kind of faded from the store. I recently re-tasted it awhile ago and what were we thinking?! It should have never left! I get chest nuts, caramel, and a beautiful round mouth texture when warmed.

Kirinzan Junmai Ginjo

  • When warmed, this sexy gal tends to drinks clean and dry. With very light hints of ricey notes. Who would have thought to warm up a Junmai Ginjo from Niigata? Oh, Beau did of course and it's AMAZING!


  • This is a great warming sake that is on the fruitier side! Talk about a fruit basket but not sweet. Totally something different to try out and broaden your warming sake horizons.

Dewatsuru Kimoto Junmai

  • Well balanced and put together sake! Never would you ever think a sake can be so round, smooth and velvety! This sake was SUPER popular during our Sake Day 2013 when this was served hot. Check out what everyone was raving about!
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