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Top Ten - Ten “Smuggleable” Sakes For Concerts and Camping

Top Ten July 2016 B

Packaging isn’t everything; it’s the only thing, especially in the sake world, where lots of folks actually buy sake by its shelf appearance. No kidding! So packaging does matter in a retail setting, but it also is important in another totally shhhh! (Sneaky) context. In a word, some sakes are better for smuggling! No not in the stealing sense (it is very bad karma to steal sake), rather in the taking sake into places, locations aka concerts and ballgames where you are not supposed to. Herewith is a list of ten sakes that are great for “on the go,” camping, and smuggling into your favorite events:

10) Kikumasamune Taru Cup
Oh Yah! If you are going out camping in the “forest, bush, jungle, or woods” there is no better sake to take than a cedar sake that has wonderful woody elements in the brew. This “taru” or cedar sake will make your trip far more relevant!

9) Hakushika Junmai Ginjo
Let’s give a woot woot for TetraPak! Don’t let the “box” appearance of this sake make you think cheap and janky! TetraPak sake is actually quite delicious and it packs so well! (Get it?) Great for a campfire, because when you are done drinking this smooth brew just throw the empty on the fire!

Top Ten June 2016 B

8) Ozeki Nigori Cup
There aren’t many nigori sake cups out there, so if you like getting cloudy then this brew is for you. A very smooth and creamy sake that drinks almost like a dessert, which is great for those occasions and when you need something sweet on the go. The question remains, is one cup enough?

7) Otokoyama Kimoto Cups
This extremely good looking series of sake cups from Hokkaido Prefecture are wonderfully embossed with four different flowers (collect all four). Great tasting sake in cups that scream “nature,” which is perfect for your backpack or picnic basket. If you cannot smuggle yourself out into the wilds, then let these cups smuggle you there instead.

6) Kuroushi Black Bull
Our newest “exclusive” cup at the store (Yes, the sake is so good that we asked the makers to put it in a cup format) is a great way to go animal in your efforts to get out! Easily fits in pocket of a backpack and can lead you to any pasture or arena. Black Bull is a way to have a tasty sake accompany you to the rodeo of life!

Top Ten June 2016 C

5) Genbei “Four Eyes” Honjozo
Hello teenie tiny bottle of sake! Talk about a brew that can fit almost anywhere. This rich little honjozo is a great sake to sneak to all of those events when you want a little inconspicuous fun! 180ml goes a long way when you are drinking it trying to avoid detection!

4) Joppari Honjozo "Stubborn Daruma"
Look at that face! Talk about taking a can of sake where you need a look like that! Hello ballgame when you need to start a rally! Hello outdoor concert when you need to get your game face on! Hello picnic when you are simply looking for a hug, this cool can of sake looks mean, but the results are so sweet (despite being a dry sake).

3) Kenbishi “Black Pine” Honjozo
Without a doubt this is the best camping warming sake in the biz! Just heat water in a pan, yes even a frying pan, and set this specially made bottle into the warm bath and wait for the hot sake magic! Take Black Pine into the pines, into the mountains, into the desert for those cold nights and get wonderfully warm.

Top Ten July 2016 A

2) Kikusui Funaguchi Cans
The most popular portable sake in the store period! People often buy these cans just to walk around the neighborhood. Why not buy a cheap case for your trip out into the wonders of the world? Great for BarBQ’s. Great for picnics. Great for camping. Why not look like a super star at the next beach party by showing up with a case of these super cans that pack a punch?

1) Tamanohikari “Reishu”
And Voila! This is the number one “sneaky” sake in the business. I cannot count the amount of times that this baby has snuck into concerts, hockey games, and movies with me. It is the perfect package to get in everywhere! Hide it on your body and get going! It’s actually made to be frozen and turned into a sake slushy, but the packaging also lends itself to inspection, “What is this?” “Oh this? It’s soymilk!” Say no more and party on!

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