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True Secrets – True Cup Wrapping!

True Cup Wrapper 1

Cupping soon! If you get a chance take a drive by our new soon-to-be sake bar called True Cup on the corner of Market and Octavia and take a look at our window coverings! Yup! During construction we didn’t want to do the typical newspaper or brown paper covering! Why? That’s not us! That’s not sake! Instead we created a really fun wrapping that is all things sake, but you wouldn’t know it just by looking at it! Ha! And that is exactly what we have been doing for years, secretly teaching people about sake without them knowing it!

True Cup Wrapper 2

I think Don King called it “Trickeration,” but we use it all the time to get people to see sake in a new light! We secretly educate while people libate! The wrapping has all kind of information about sake, but not in book form. It is visually spectacular and if you look at it you are actually learning! Voila – Trickeration! We will be educating our newfound customer base without them even realizing it! (Or so we think) And therein rests one of the secrets of sake. It is fun! And so too is a sake bar that will be taking folks to a new and wonderful level of sake appreciation.

Now that’s a wrap!

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