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“Ask Beau” – “Who was that person at Sake Day?”

Ask Beau September 2017 A

Yes! I wasn’t really shy about it. In fact, I was proud as hell. The True Sake Team had a new member - my oldest daughter Riley - at Sake Day. She worked taking your orders for sake deliveries. She also worked at the Welcome Sake station a little bit. And yes I was very stoked. It’s important for me to show and introduce her to the great folks who make up Sake Day. And yes, I think I introduced her to everybody!

She is a unique beast, because there aren’t too many “Second Generation American Sake” people. It’s pretty cool when you think about it. She grew up in the store working odd jobs like put stickers on bags, so it was great for her to see what an achievement Sake Day has become. Riley told me that she had a great time, and Sake Day was a pretty big deal!

So a big thank you to Riley and all the kind people who welcomed her. And let it be known that she also helps with a lot of the True Sake and Sake Day social media. Even though she is not old enough to imbibe she is how old enough to understand the Sake Day magic!

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