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Sake Archives August 2017 A

Hello Sake Lovers!

It's that time again!

With our warmest season in full swing, I cannot stop indulging in all that is a San Francisco summer! Kayaking on the Russian River, sunbathing poolside in wine country and even cozying up for a chilly beach sunset in the shadow of the Golden Gate bridge! All these things bring joy to my heart, yet something is still missing. WAIT! How could I forget? It's sake! In honor of my sake/summer obsession, here are a few inspired articles of dog days gone by.

Check out these awesome old school summer namas:

New Store Arrivals - Summer Namas (August 2010)

When warming sake beneath the redwoods in coastal California suits your fancy:

Sake Sensations – Sake Warmed By The Sun (July 2013)

Sake Archives August 2017 B

Lastly, here is an article that expresses the importance of sake and the art of American BBQ:

Sake and Bar-B-Q - Grillin' & Chillin' (July 2005)

Thank you for enjoying the archives with me. Until next time! Mata ne!

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