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TOP 10 List – The Top Ten Booziest Sakes in The Store

I enjoy talking to older Japanese men and women sake drinkers. Why? They are the most opinionated and speak the truth. And most will tell you that they drink alcohol to taste the alcohol. Period! They frown on light and clean sakes that drink like water. And they prefer sakes that have that pop that let’s them know that they are drinking alcohol. In this light many sakes are handmade to have that kick that appeals to fans of dark alcohol and other spirits. If you like whiskey you’re going to prefer a bite of a bigger brew more than a person who only likes light wines. So here is a list of ten sakes at the store that champion the booze qualities in sake. If you like a big bite in your brew, then these sakes are for you:

10) Yuki Otoko “Cup”

  • This new cup to the store drinks with a little clean kick! Especially at room temperature. There is a zesty little vein of booze that rides the clean fluid!


Top Ten August 2017 A

9) Kariho Namahage “Devil’s Mask"

  • Look at that label! This sake screams dry, but it also screams “hot” as in it has a nice boozy kick! If you like it dry and with slice of alcohol then this brew is bold enough for you!


8) Akishika Okarakuchi “Super Dry”

  • Not only is this awesome “Nama” or unpasteurized sake dry and super flavorful, but it packs a mule-kick 19.5% alcohol content that shoots through your palate like a lightening bolt from the sake gods!


7) Kikusui Funaguchi

  • Say hello to the original boozy brew! This world famous can is a series of sakes that we like to call decompressors! They are coin machine dispensed in Japan to give an 18% alcohol kick in the brain for your train ride home!


Top Ten August 2017 B

6) Denshin “Ine”

  • Some breweries celebrate the flavor of alcohol in the sakes. Denshin has a huge fan following for their brews that have the laser crisp twang of booze that rides on the thin and clean watery fluid! This brew is tight!


5) Dewazakura Izumi Judan

  • This sake’s name is “Tenth Degree” and that’s like level 10 on your boozy stereo. They crank the snap up with this sake and look out for a super dry, super crisp, and super boozy lovely fluid that zips through the palate.


4) Kakeya

  • This nama or unpasteurized sake is very frisky and will please your alcohol sensors upon first sip! I’d say that this is “He-Man” sake but that would be dumb considering women like this beast even more! It roars!


3) Urakasumi Honjozo

  • Have you ever tasted a tasty 19%? Say hello to this full-bodied and rich boozy beast from Miyagi Prefecture. Like plump liquid heat that warms the cockles whatever those are?


Top Ten August 2017 C

2) Joppari “Stubborn Daruma”

  • This angry looking little can will shiver your timbers with a nice boozy kick! It is clean and tight with a solid booziness that jumps right out of the can.


1) Minato “Harbor”

  • Say hello to the booziest boozer in the store! Say howdy to 21% alcohol content in a raw and unpasteurized fluid that is slippery a jagged! If you want old school boozy sake then this futsu-shu is fo sho!


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