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Sake Events – Come Meet One Of The Coolest Sake Brewery Owners In The Sake World

“Cowboy" Yamahai sake tasting with Mr. Shiokawa of Shiokawa Brewery When: September 2nd, Saturday 5pm to 6:30pm


Sake Events August 2017 A

Come taste an incredible range of flavors/styles from Shiokawa brewery of Niigata prefecture, with their owner/master brewer, Mr. Shiokawa! You may know his flagship Sake, Cowboy Yamahai, that’s “bold and beautiful” – there will be several more, which will showcase Mr. Shiokawa’s dynamic brewing skills. You may say Mr. Shiokawa is a cowboy from Niigata, who is changing the way Sake is paired, served, and consumed outside of Japan. Come join us for this rare occasion!”

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