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Sake Season – Ho Ho Holiday Sake

Sake Season – Ho Ho Holiday Sake A

Yup! It’s been a year! And Yup, you’ve got to do it all over again! What? Gift giving silly! You know – that crazy mutually assured form of destruction where it absolutely stinks if you get gifted and forget to gift or you get out gifted! Geesh! It’s so stressful! Or is it? Sake is and always has been the best option. It’s different AND it’s awesome.

Last year was a difficult year for True Sake and our offerings around the holidays were strained at best! But this year the store is loaded to the gills with amazing brews. And most importantly what we don’t have on the shelves we can get by special ordering but you must act quickly as we are running out of time for guaranteed shipping!

Let’s cover some holiday sake opportunities:

Stocking Stuffers’ Galore!
  • There is no better stocking stuffer that our vast One Cup collection! We have over 20 different beautiful cups and cans that fit perfectly in a stocking! Best part about these cups is that they can be used after they are emptied, great for collecting.

White Elephant Sake & Secret Santa Wonders!
  • We have glassware that works. We have 300ml tasting bottles that will astound. And we have El Cheapo but super delicious box sake that are 900ml for $10 and Santa won’t be able to keep that secret for long.

Gifts For Your Favorite Wine Snob!
  • Don’t get bullied into buying wine again for that difficult giftee! Get sake! We have a number of very wine-like sake that appeal to wine drinkers but celebrate the sake segment! Use these sake as a gateway drug to a new found sake addiction for those wine drinkers who are so bored with the same old grapes!

Sake Season – Ho Ho Holiday Sake B

Impress-The-Boss Gifts!
  • We’ve all done it! We’ve all given a certain boss an amazing gift as calling card for advancement, salary increase, or a promotion. This year choose from our Top Shelf Collection of special and limited Ultra Daiginjo sake that were made for a certain breed of sake drinker. Go big or go home! Several of these sake will not be available after the holidays.

Gifts For Your Favorite Family Members!
  • We have a sake for everybody! We have sake made for specific foods, sake made for specific occasions, sake that bubble, sake that are aged, sake that are infused, and a whole host of brews that will make you look like a hero! Be a sake hero!

Don’t Forget the YOU Gift!
  • That’s right! During this crazy holiday season do NOT forget you! You are the engine that keeps you going, so why not get a little sake gift for you! I’ve heard about people buying a killer sake, wrapping it, and putting it under the tree for themselves with a note that says Happy Holidays to YOU! Come get yourself that sake that YOU’ve always wanted to try! Now’s the time for you!
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