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Tis the season for pumpkin picking, hayrides, and bobbing for apples. But best of all, enjoying autumn release Hiyaoroshi sakes! These special sakes are pasteurized once before storage for 6 months then bottled for the fall season. These namas are a bit more subdued and earthy with notes of chestnuts, caramel, maple and more. Read this fantastic article to learn interesting facts about this unique, seasonal sake:

"Sake Moments - Fall Flavors 'Hiyaoroshi' Style" - (October 2016)


As we all know, there is nothing scarier than reality. To celebrate the season, let's check out this honest article about the challenges of the sake industry: 
Sake Busts - Chapter 11 in a Sake Sense - (October 2010)

Sake Archives B

I am very enthusiastic about Halloween, harvest and the autumnal spirit in general. Here is a fun, traditional story to tell your friends at dusk around a roaring pit of fire:
Sake Lore - An Old Japanese Children's Story - (October 2012)


This exciting season passes so quickly. Seize the day! And be sure to visit True Sake soon to grab your yearly collection of Hiyaoroshi sakes!


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