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Top 10 List – Ten Peek-A-Boo Brews That You Are Missing

Admit it! I just did! Admit that there are certain sakes that we just don’t see when we are walking around True Sake. First of all there are so many wonderful sakes to behold. Secondly, the shop is pretty interesting so that is a distraction. And lastly the employees are so cool that you’d rather talk to them then actually walk around the shop and see all that there is to see! Well in this regard, there is an island of misfit sakes that you have not noticed, and it’s about time to check them out! So for this Top 10 List we wanted to highlight ten amazing sakes that you’ve completely missed. It’s not your fault! But it would be our fault if we didn’t point them out to you! So herewith in no particular order are “Ten” hidden sakes that you need to find!

10) Rokkasen “Yamahoshi” 
One of the tastiest Junmai Ginjo at the store, and who doesn’t need a cool cobalt blue bottle in the their fridge?

9) Tatsuriki Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai 
This kura is known for brewing with superb rice, and then to add some traditional “pole-ramming” to make it a Kimoto sake? This should make you sit up and take note of some connoisseur’s sake.

8) Inemankai “Red Rice” 
Using a red rice varietal milled to 73% this Junmai Genshu that has an SMV of -5.4 and an Acidity of 5.5 is truly one of the wonders found in True Sake. Or in this case not found! If you think you know sake I would beg to differ until you’ve tackled this food pairing beast!

Top 10 List – Ten Peek-A-Boo Brews That You Are Missing A7) Okunomatsu Ginjo
Say hello to the one sake that literally won the 2018 IWC Sake Competition. “Best in Show” “Top Dog” “Champion’s Trophy” whatever you want to call it is fine with us as long as you find this puppy in the store.

6 )Mana 1751 
This sake has a very long name, for good reason! It is a monster sake that works on so many levels. Truly a brewing wonder that should not be missed by anybody who wants to taste the boundaries of amazing sake and why they taste that way!

5) Otokoyama Kitanoinaho 
Very new to the US, this celebration sake is pound for pound one of the best Daiginjo on the Market! The perfect mix of flavor and feeling that looks so good in it’s well-designed box. You need this sake that is very hard to find outside of Japan

4) Dewatsuru “Sakura Emaki” 
Who says purple rice sakes cannot be elegant? At 12% alcohol it drinks round, semi-sweet, and juicy. Supremely flavorful and just so damn cool to look at in the glass!
Top 10 List – Ten Peek-A-Boo Brews That You Are Missing B
3) Tatsuriki “Whisper of Rice” 
The owner of this brewery recently passed away, and all I can say is that heaven is so lucky! He was an amazing man who did amazing this for the sake industry. To prove my point, taste this Daiginjo that is a subtle reflection of an institution. Some of the best sakes in all of the sake world.

2) Tamagawa “Time Machine” 
Sake is a very broad category! This spin on an ancient recipe for sake is a perfect example. It’s time for you to Geek Out on a sake made by one of the most exciting sake makers in all of Japan. Get into your Time Machine and go find the meaning of this excellent sake.

1) Hidahomare “Pride of Hida” 
In a word it KILLS me that more people do not try this amazing ricey sake that actually comes in some very cool packaging! Milled to 50% this brew is the embodiment of “balanced” sake. The brewers are known to play with Hana (Flower) Kobo (Yeast) to gain new perspectives on the flavor and feeling of sakes. This brew would be loved by all if they just tried it!
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