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Sake Day’18 – The “Best Sake Day Ever”?

Sake Day’18 – The “Best Sake Day Ever”? A

Not joking! And not trying to rub it in! But a majority of people who have contacted us have told us that this was their favorite Sake Day to date! I love them all, so I am a terrible judge. That said, we have had so much positive feedback that I will run with it being the best ever! Why not? It was pretty cool!


Starting with the excellent Welcome Sake – Dewazakura’s Ginjo called Oka – to having the most vendor tables ever pouring a record number of sakes, it was all that! Some of the highlights included having Den Sake from Oakland at their first Sake Day, a record number of sake brewery owners from Japan who flew over to help celebrate this amazing event, Sequoia Sake pairing with Dandelion Chocolate, Asahi Shuzo from Niigata represented for the first time, Maruto Sea Vegetables from LA came with all of their Yamagata breweries and offerings, and all of our valuable and repeat offending importers and distributors came hard and poured amazing sakes to name a few.

Sake Day’18 – The “Best Sake Day Ever”? B

And can you say wow? We have yet to hear one negative thing about hosting the event at Hotel Kabuki! People loved it! And with a few tweaks we might look to have the event there again for Sake Day 2019! Oh, and did I happen to mention that we had a record number of purchases at Sake Day, which we have been fulfilling in the fastest turn-around rate yet! Well done Mei and well done Team TS (Hiromi, Shin, KJ, and Alex!) You guys rock and congrats on getting those orders out so quickly!

Sake Day’18 – The “Best Sake Day Ever”? C

Do NOT forget to circle September 28th for Sake Day 2019!


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