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Sake Specials – Help Move Spring and Summer Namas

Calling all sake superstars! Can you see the spotlight in the night sky with the letter “S” illuminating the dark? It’s calling “Sake” for you, because the city of Gotham needs your help. We have too much sake! No way? Yes! Our shelves are packed and without trying to sound like furniture sales people we need to make room for new inventory! No kidding! Specifically, we need to more our spring and summer seasonally released Nama sakes! But why are they still here? There were so many this year! Seriously. We had a record amount of Namazake in the store since January. And it’s not Mei or the Team’s fault. It’s my fault. Because I can’t say No!

Sake Specials – Help Move Spring and Summer Namas A

So what can you do about it? You can come and get a seriously good deal on some amazingly fresh brews. In a perfect world I would not even be typing. In a perfect world I would take all that Nama stock and store in my own home fridge to age some of it! Not kidding! Many of these brews lend themselves to add some time in the bottle to create a new sake message in a bottle. Aging Nama sake is not a crime! It’s actually the bomb. But I already have too many bombs in my fridge. And that is why we need your help!


Help us make room for the new seasonally released Hiyaoroshi sakes for the Fall. Heck, why don’t you pick up new Fall Draft sake AND a Nama that you can lay down for a bit! And if you need a further incentive we will take an additional 15% off each Spring and Summer Nama. Now that’s a deal!

Sake Specials – Help Move Spring and Summer Namas B

Some quick thoughts on the last of the Spring and Summer Namas: The Katafune was one of my favorite Spring Namas this season. Fat, chewy, and so well balanced. The Fukucho was not only delicious, buy you can buy the pasteurized version and do a side-by side taste test! The Gokyo would drink like a star in about a year from now. And the Rihaku would be great with some fall flavor cuisines now! The Shichida is just an amazing brew and would make a great taste-pairing partner with the Fall Hiyaoroshi in a side-by-side tasting. And lastly the Kubota Summer Nama is a must for all of you Kubota fans who want to try aging their clean style for about a year! Or better yet, pull this bottle out a year from now and pair it with a fresh released 2019 bottle. You can have so much fun with the last of these remaining sakes. Get them now, because at 15% off they will go fast!


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