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The Beau-Zone Layer – Ine Mankai “Ine’s Full Bloom”

Beau Zone A

The Beau-Zone Layer –Ine Mankai “Ine’s Full Bloom” 
From Kyoto Prefecture. Red Rice Junmai Genshu. 
SMV: -5.4 Acidity: 5.5

Let’s get a little crazy this Holiday Season! Let’s try one of the most unique sakes in the entire sake landscape. Let’s get red! This brew is made with an ancient red rice varietal called Murasaki Komachi, which is milled to 73%! So the color of this undiluted sake surely looks the part of a Christmas sake. But how does it taste and would it pair well at the holiday dinner table? You bet! This extremely complex sake is actually very tasty from first sip to last. It is an adventure of sorts, or call it a wonder! There are tons of gooey sweet tones, but there is also a complexity that is all acidity based that really lifts this flavor rocket ship. There is a vast vein of savory flavors that come forth as the fluid warms, and all of these flavor nooks and crannies are perfect for a holiday goose or turkey with all of the trimmings. This is an extremely exciting sake, which is perfect for the most exciting time of the year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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