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The Beau-Zone Layer – Kura Kabuto “Samurai Armor Hat"

Beau Zone A

The Beau-Zone Layer – “Samurai Armor Hat” 
From Fukuoka Prefecture. Muroka Junmai Daiginjo. 
SMV: +2 Acidity: 2.0

Who says a Junmai Daiginjo won’t go with your Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas goose? Take a look at the acidity level of this special Daiginjo that is made with a black koji mold more often associated with shochu production. Also take a gander at the word, ‘Muroka’ which means non-charcoal filtered to bring out more color and a richness in this very smooth sake! If you are a Bordeaux fan then this brew will talk to you in a big, bold, round and tasty way. It fills your palate as much as it fills your glass. Round, expansive, and a tickle of sweetness, this brew drinks like a Junmai Daiginjo, but there is more presence and impact. And of course since I was the first Sake Samurai it only makes sense for me to recommend a Samurai Armor Hat sake for your holiday festivities. Kanpai!


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