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August and Everything After 🍶🐦

Welcome to the 180th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this special summer edition representing 180 months in a row or 15 years of uninterrupted newsletter awesomeness heed the call of SAKE DAY and get your tickets ASAP, learn three sake “tricks” to keep your sake boozin’ better, learn about Michael Tremblay’s exciting new deep dive sake education course called Sake Scholars, get your Gohyakumangoku on in a new Power 5 Challenge, go Beau-Zoning with a $50 Junmai, check out several more summer namas and Den Batch #7, and discover why there have been so many anniversaries of late!


!!Attention!! We can now ship to many of your states. We are partnering with a third party shipper who can send you your sake! 
The states we cannot ship to are ND, NH, UT, MS, AL, VT, KY, SD. 
*Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details on shipping regulations. 


In this issue:


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