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Top 10 List – Ten Sakes That Pair Well With Pork

Top 10 List – Ten Sakes That Pair Well With Pork

In honor of the Chinese New Year, which is the year of the pig for 2019, herewith is a list of ten brews that would rock pork from pigs in a blanket to bacon, from pork tenderloin to pork chops. Sake is the perfect libation to pair with juicy, salty, and savory pork as it is a great oil wash and flavor enhancer. Sake with a touch of umami works wonders and perhaps so much more than a grape juice. Starch-based beverages do hot nooks and crannies that wine cannot, so in this Year of the Pig make sure to try sake with your favorite pork dish. You will be as happy as a pig in mud!

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10) Dewazakura “Omachi”
 - Rich, smooth and bright this Junmai Ginjo would liven up any pig party with a full-bodied and expressive character.

9) Ten to Chi “Heaven and Earth” - Pork can be found on earth and in the heavens, so this unique Junmai Daiginjo that is earthy and bold is a great dancing partner that actually helps to create great flavor pairings including a touch of brown sugar!

8) Kamoizumi Shusen “Three Dots” - If your pork needs a cover then Three Dots is for you! It is a big and expressive sake that stands up to all types of sauces and spices. A stellar Bar-B-Q ribs sake that plays with all of the flavors and harmonizes all of the action.

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7) Yuho Kimoto “Rhythm of the Centuries” - If your are looking to bring some rhythm to your pork dish than take a look at the Ishikawa Prefecture kimoto that is rich, full, and super tasty. This big brew will huff and puff and blow your little piggy down.


6) Shirataki Hiyaoroshi Fall Draft - This superfood friendly Fall Draft sake came late to True Sake, but we are all the better for it as it is a very lush and flavorful sake made to pair with flavors such as pork! A single-pasteurized sake that will bring out the best in your beast!

5) Hakkaisan Honjozo - This sake has been voted one of the best “Pub” sake of all time in Japan. What does that mean? It means it goes great with salty and savory flavors and is a pork champion! Go for the pork Gold!

4) Tatsuriki Kimoto - How do you elevate your pig? With a higher acidity of course! This fabulous Kimoto from Hyogo is a gentle giant that is rich, creamy, and soft and makes for a good feeling pairing friend with your little Ms Piggy!

The Top Ten List: 10 Sparkling Sakes That Will Light Up Your New Year’s Eve C
3) Urakasumi Honjozo Genshu “Misty Bay” - Pigs can be very dangerous! So sometimes you need a dangerous brew to go to battle with your out of bounds porky pal. This Genshu is a monster and it will attack first and slowly make the pig come around. A great brew that packs a punch and works with pork for lunch!


2) Denshin Fuyu “Winter” - If your pork needs to wake up, this unpasteurized sake has the flavor and feeling alarm clock to make that sucker jump up and take notice. It has a plump acidity, alcohol content (18%), and attitude that will play with your pigs all the way home weeeeeeee!

1) Shizengo Cuvee 18 - Sometimes you must simply trust us! This very unique aged Yamahai is bombastic in all of the good ways, and would act as a great foil and cover to your pork however dry, spicy, salty, or whatever! It is a master class in unique pairing opportunities.


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