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Website & Newsletter – You’ve Heard This Before!

Wait! I know what you are thinking. This is another warning about a website and newsletter upgrade that leads to nothing! Not true. This time it’s legit. Thanks to Mei, we have finally pulled the trigger on a team that will take the True Sake Website and Newsletter into the next decade. (In my mind, I’m picturing “Doc” from Back To The Future, saying “Where we’re going we don’t need websites!”)


So, after all of this time, all of those times that we’ve reached out to you for your input and participation. We are ready to kick some internet butt! In the process of collecting info and intel, evaluating and re-evaluating, trying to figure out what the hell we are and what we want to become. We have come to the conclusion that we want to replicate our in-store philosophy and actions into our website to make it the best sake purchasing system in the world. We sell sake, that's what we do! We’ve done it well for 16 years, and we want that in-store experience to be felt online.


As per the True Sake Newsletter, which you are currently enjoying, we have decided to mix it up a bit. Stop laughing! Seriously, we are making some changes. You’re still laughing! Okay fine... You are the one who answered our questions about the length, the feel, and the content and we have processed all of that information to produce a monthly “Newsletter” that has been sent un-interrupted for 178 issues or for 14.8 years. We will tweak it, and you will love it!


Website & Newsletter – You’ve Heard This Before!

In this regard, you will be noticing these changes soon! The website will be rolled out in pieces at a time, but it will not disrupt our current abilities. And there is still time if you want to stress one or two changes that you feel will make for a better purchasing experience. We are in this together. We have done something that most “Newsletters” do not, and that is survive for almost 15 years. Add to that, a website that is still structurally the same as when we launched it 16 years ago. It’s time to start anew. It is time for a change and you are a big part of it.


The time has come to electronically focus on what we do best – sell sake. That is what we want to do better online via a fun and interactive Newsletter that will drive your curiosity and sake passions forward. Thank you for being a part of this historical endeavor. At the end of the day, it is YOU who has made all of this happen. YOU have given us the attention, fascination, and drive to keep pushing sake forward and forward still. YOU have been a very important part in the modern history of sake the world over, and it is YOU who we want to thank and surprise with a shiny new website and Newsletter. Thank YOU very much.


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