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Beau-Zone Layer – Kinmon Akita X3 Amairo

Beau-Zone Layer – Kinmon Akita X3 Amairo

Akita Prefecture 
Aged Junmai Genshu
SMV: N/A Acidity: N/A
Some sake are outside the box. They don’t fit in the categories, so to speak. And that’s what makes them special and important to try. The maker of this sake is a bit of a mad man who ages sakes, blends sakes, is known for his Nigori sakes, and actually ages a red rice brew. This “Amairo” is also a bit of a weirdo as the brewer uses triple the amount of koji, “creating a sake rich with umami and nutty flavors while achieving and exquisite acid balance.” And it’s aged for three years and only gets better with further aging. Our review says we keep it in the Koshu section of the store, because it actually tastes more like a Koshu than most of the Koshu we carry. If you like rich, velvety, viscous, and voluptuous sake then you must partake in this Akita Prefecture sake that was made for food pairings. (I suggested it to a customer who was reluctant at first, but then sent us an email saying it was outstanding and his friends who don’t like sake loved it too!) 
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