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Sake Support – August is YUHO Month 25% Off!

Sake Support – August is YUHO Month 25% Off!

If you “Do” social media then you would have seen the post at our @truesake account on Instagram about August being Yuho Month at True Sake. You would have seen that we are offering a 25% discount on both Yuho products that we carry, and you would have read that we are doing this in an effort to help out a dear friend in the sake family.


But here’s the real back-story.


Sixteen years ago, Miho Fujita took over Ishikawa Prefecture’s Mioya Brewery, makers of the Yuho brand of excellent sake. And things were kicking butt. Great importers carried their brews, and word got out that their style of sake making was terrific for western cuisine. In a word, demand was increasing, awareness was increasing, and sales were increasing.


Then this thing called COVID-19 slammed the brakes on Yuho.

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The pandemic turned things upside down both internationally and domestically. Their sales fell by 50%, which required her to immediately cut costs in an effort to survive. But, she didn’t want to lose touch with the international markets that Miho really feels understand her and her style of sake making. She was and is still hurting. That said, Miho has many things going for her, but none more important than herself. She’s an awesome person, and the net result is that she has a ton of friends in the industry. It’s these friends who wanted to support her in any way possible. People like Monica Samuels, Sachiko Miyagi, and Tamiko Ishidate have made a wonderful collaborative effort to sell as much Yuho as possible.



True Sake is part of this glorious effort, and we are honored to offer her amazing sake selections at 25% off. Can you help? Yes, of course you can! Many of you met Miho at SAKE DAY’19 and you tasted her really delicious full-bodied brews. You know the UFO story that literally surrounds her brewery, and most of all you know a good deal when you taste one. 25% off is huge, so get to work. Be a “Sake Superhero” and help move as much Yuho as possible.


25% never drank so well!


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