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The “Beau Zone Layer” – Mutsu Hassen Red Label

The “Beau Zone Layer” – Mutsu Hassen Red Label

Aomori Prefecture

Tokubetsu Junmai

SMV: +2 Acidity: 1.3


Say hello to a flagship sake! What the heck is flagship sake? It means it’s a meat and potatoes brew! What’s a meat and potatoes brew? Hmmm It’s a bread and butter sake. Come’on! Ok, ok I’ll stop with the likes. Basically this is the brew that pays the bills at the Hachinohe sake brewery in Aomori Prefecture. It’s the sake that the brewery is known for, and the sake that the industry loves. And you will love it too. It’s an award winning Junmai that is made with Hanafubuki and Masshigura rice varietals that drinks like a fruit basket full of flavors on a bright and lively fluid. In a word this sake is all about the technique that they use to express rice and water. Extremely drinkable you will find a home in this flagship sake that is loved worldwide. Flagship really? Ha! Just looked at the back label and it reads their “Signature” brew. ‘Nuff said! 

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