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Sake Resources – John Gauntner’s Gift To You with SIN

Sake Resources – John Gauntner’s Gift To You with SIN

Some of you might know John Gauntner, and some might not. It’s better to know John trust me. He has been educating the world about sake via books and his Sake Professional Course for over two decades. We’ve featured the Sake Professionals Course in many newsletters, and I have often written about his own Newsletter that he has been writing almost two years longer than mine. But now John has embarked on a new and totally awesome adventure with a super informative bi-monthly newsletter called Sake Industry News or SIN. Trust me when I tell you that you should subscribe. I often joke with John that SIN will put this newsletter out of business, and in many respects it can. He has his fingers much more on the pulse of sake in Japan, and I don’t even try to keep up.


Recently John asked if I would tell my readers about SIN, and he did so by explaining that if I do then he would give you all a discount on the subscription. I cannot compliment his efforts enough. SIN is awesome. So herewith is what we call a “blurb” by John describing SIN in his words:

"Sake Industry News is a new, twice-monthly email newsletter that is the main source of information for getting to know the sake industry in Japan, providing timely news that includes trends, business news, industry developments and changes, as well as technical and production information that is well beyond the basics – sent right to your inbox or phone. The current issue also boasts a new feature, Kura Profile, in which they ask brewers of all sizes and locales ten questions about their company, their sake and the current brewing season. Not to be missed!

Even as sake grows in popularity all over the world, there is little information on what is happening in the sake industry itself. Such information provides the familiarity and affinity with the sake-brewing world that gets people talking about it, and helps us all promote it more enjoyably and effectively. Sake Industry News fills that gap.

It will surely help nudge sake up toward the next global level.

You can see headlines from the recent issues and also read a few of the earlier back issues here.


Use this link, exclusive to True Sake customers and readers, to save 20 percent off the standard price, and get intimate with the sake industry for just $80 for the first year!"

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