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The “Beau Zone Layer” – Hokusetsu YK35

The “Beau Zone Layer” – Hokusetsu YK35

Niigata Prefecture 


SMV: N/A Acidity:N/A

There are many chapters to the book known as YK35! Where do we start? How about at the brewery itself, which is located on an island off the coast of Niigata called Sado Island. The nickname for this island is “Sake Island” and it’s the home of the very famous sake brewery called Hokusetsu. There is a very good chance that you have tasted Hokusetsu sake without knowing it. Huh? This brewery was loved by a world-renowned sushi chef named Nobu Matsushita, and they have private labeled NOBU Sake for almost two decades. Sometimes I feel bad for the brewery, because they are known as Nobu’s sake makers rather than powerhouse sake makers. This brew known as YK35 is a brilliant sake that has not been made available to retail stores before, and so we were excited when our importer asked if we’d like to carry it. Hells yes! The “Y” stands for the rice varietal called Yamadanishiki. The “K” stands for Kyu or “9” which is the Kobo (yeast) Association #9 that they use to ferment this sake. And of course the “35” stands for the milling rate of 35% remaining and 65% polished away. Taken all together this is world-class sake that is good enough for best of the best, which includes you!


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