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Beau Zone Layer – Tsuchida Kimoto Junmai Ginjo

Beau Zone Layer – Tsuchida Kimoto Junmai Ginjo

Gunma Prefecture

Junmai Ginjo

SMV: +2.7 Acidity:2.3


Okay! Who likes smart sake? Wait what? What is “Smart” sake? Ah, I’m so glad that you asked. Let me phrase my reply this way. Smart sake is when a brewer takes food or “Consumption” rice and mills it to 60%. Then they use the Kimoto or ancient pole ramming technique to activate the lactic acids and raise the acidity level to 2.3! That’s sort of whopping! And then they keep the ABV to 14%. Confused yet? Nope, because this is a freakin smart sake. It is without a doubt one of the softest brews that I have ever tasted and that’s with an acidity of 2.3! Damn! This is truly Kimoto Magic Sake, and it drinks so refreshingly smooth. It’s so good that a friend felt compelled to tell me that he and his wife LOVE IT, and two of their friends who know nothing about sake said that it was pear and apple goodness, all the while pairing with a huge French Onion soup. I personally think this is one of the coolest sakes since the pandemic started and that’s quite a silver lining.  Are you ready for Kimoto Magic Sake?   

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