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New Store Arrivals – Takachiyo x 2, Kuheiji, Nanbu Bijin Umeshu, Doburoku

New Store Arrivals – Takachiyo x 2, Kuheiji, Nanbu Bijin Umeshu, Doburoku

Takachiyo Red Yeast Rosé Season II 2021
From Niigata Prefecture. Muroka Junmai Nama. SMV: N/A Acidity: N/A

The nose on this very unique sake is almost out of this world with an upfront collection of cotton, sour beer, beets, chicken broth, and Vienna sausage aromas. Say What? Yes, this sake is for all of those sour beer and sake geeks out there, who love seeing how far rice and water can go. The brewers at Takachiyo isolated a famous brewing Yeast called #10, and mutated it into a Red Yeast! No kidding. This yeast produces that pink color naturally, and all of the fun and yeasty flavors fall in line. Look for beets, sour apple, grapefruit, yogurt, peach, blood orange, Lemon Head, berries, and watermelon flavors on a fluid that is zesty, lively, juicy, and actually dries up at the ending with a nice shibumi (astringency). With an ABV of 10% and rice milled to 65%, this sake is both a work of science and a delicious cocktail all in one uniquely pink package. Get your sake Geek on! WORD: Rosé WINE: Rose/Sour whites BEER: Sour Ales FOODS: Fried and greasy cuisine, International spice. $47/500ml

Takachiyo Red Yeast Nigori Season II 2021
From Niigata Prefecture. Muroka Junmai Nama Nigori. SMV: N/A Acidity: N/A

WARNING! Please read the Warning sticker on the bottle twice! The nose on this excessively bubbly sake is an extremely unique collection of beets, lemon, cranberry, meat, strawberry, grapefruit, and yogurt aromas. Stop the presses! It's time for you to learn a Japanese term in a hurry! Kassei Nigori. Huh? Kassei Nigori means "Living Nigori." And this brew is as living as living sake can get. The CO2 that releases from the bottle when twisting is simply unbelievable as you gently twist the cap releasing the ssssss each twist. But why work so hard? Because what's inside is awesome and it's part magic, part science, and all sake goodness. Opening the bottle makes for a fun sake game. Zesty, lively, yeasty, tingly, bubbly, and very active. This sake is made for a wine glass. It drinks like a dry Brut Champagne, but is flavored like nothing that you have ever tasted in the sake world. Using a proprietary Red Yeast that they isolated from yeast #10, this rosé brew has a unique flavor field of strawberry, tangerine, sour apple, blood orange, and rosé hip flavors. This brew is for all those beer and sake geeks looking for a new expression in sake. WORD: Jailbreak Sake WINE: Sparkling/Sour whites BEER: Sour Beers FOODS: Fruit and cheese plates, very specific food exploration. $47/500ml


Kamoshibito Kuheiji "Eau Du Désir"
From Hyogo Prefecture. Junmai Daiginjo. SMV: N/A Acidity: N/A
Thank your lucky stars sake drinkers, because Kuheiji is back in the US market. The nose on this "old school – new school" brew is a very interesting collection of strawberry, apple, sweet rice, blueberry, mineral, and banana bread aromas. Wait wha? Old school – new school? First this incredibly well-known brewery was founded in 1647, and second it was crafty enough to start making sake in a unique way that created an almost effervescent type of drinking experience. They became a cult–like brewery held in the highest regards of sake making. They also stress a domain-style of sake making similar to the wine world. In a word, Kuheiji is trend-setting sake that is not to be missed. Spritzy, lively, and zesty, this brew drinks with upfront flavor, impact and has a controlled outstanding finish. Clean and crisp, juicy and imaginative, balanced and controlled. This sake has an amazing flavor field of berries, apple, sweet bread, melon, oatmeal, rock sugar, and apple pie tones. Kuheiji is such a lovely drinking experience, because it is round and balanced. This highlights the third major component in sake making - great rice, great water, and great balance. There are a lot of copycat breweries out there these days making sake similar to Kuheiji, but what is missing in their efforts can be found in this Junmai Daiginjo - impeccable balance. It is sake for the soul. WORD: Trend-setting WINE: Deep Pinot Noir/French Chardonnay BEER: Rich Ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, pastas, grilled fish and chicken, cheese plates, elegant appetizers. $48/720ml

Nanbu Bijin Muto Umeshu
From Iwate Prefecture. Junmai Umeshu. SMV: N/A Acidity: N/A

The nose on this very clean and elegant sake with added plum extract is a gentle collection of honey, sweet bread, plum, pomegranate, raisin, apple pie, leather, and white flower aromas. What you know about umeshu is the opposite of this unique and light plum sake. Made with Wakayama plums and using no sugar (Wow!) This brew looks to celebrate gentle Ume flavors and feelings without slapping you in the face with a sweet and cloying plum punch. Smooth, light, semi-chewy, and layered this Umeshu is as sophisticated as you can get, but super drinkable with amazing flavors such as jammy apricot and nectarine, apple pie, pear tart, peach, honey, and of course plum tones. At 9% this brew is light and gentle, and could very well be the first time that you taste "ume umami" flavors. If you are looking for a less sweet and more complex Umeshu then this Iwate-made brew is for you. WORD: Sophisticated WINE: Light Reds/Jammy whites BEER: Light ales FOODS: Complex cuisines, smoked meats and fish, specific pairings. $32/720ml


Niwa no Uguisu "Doburoku"
From Fukuoka Prefecture. Doburoku. SMV: -81 Acidity: 4.5

This sake is a throwback to when people used to make their own hooch or "moonshine sake" that was illegal, not approved by the government and wasn't taxed. The nose on this unique "sort-of-nigori'' sake is a fun collection of wheat, kiwi, pineapple, vanilla, apple, cream, and rice aromas. Say hello to a tremendous drinking experience that is flavorful and fun. Lower in alcohol at 6%, Doburoku drinks in parts or segments with a thick, thin, thick, thin texture that drinks in a light oatmeal and applesauce capacity. The flavors are outstanding. Look for peach, kiwi, apple, pear, sweet tarts, citrus, rice, and umami flavors that skip through the palate. It's a generally sweet drinking experience that has a unique dryness, and works in the mouth like nothing you've ever sipped before. But most importantly it tastes good, so we say enjoy your "illegal sake" to the fullest and screw the man! WORD: Chunky WINE: N/A BEER: Chunky fruit brews FOODS: Comfort foods $25/720ml

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