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The “Beau-Zone” Layer – Shinkame "Holy Turtle"

The “Beau-Zone” Layer – Shinkame "Holy Turtle"

From Saitama Prefecture. 

2 Year Aged Junmai

SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.7


Ok folks, I’ve written a ton of reviews for sakes over the years (maybe over 2,500) and when I re-read some of them the ones that stand out are the ones where I call the brew a “sake drinker’s sake.” What the hell does that mean? Basically all sake is sake drinker’s sake right? Wrong! (How do you spell a buzzer buzzing sound?) For me, I think of a wise old sake guy sitting at a dimly light counter and I push him a glass of sake that I think he would nod at and say “now that’s sake drinker’s sake.” Or something like that! Shinkame is THAT kind of sake. It’s an aged Junmai (Two years) and it’s from Saitama, both of which are sort of unusual. For me this brew drinks rich and full and envelopes your senses with rice and umami! If you are umami challenged this brew is a good guide to get you in the Umami Zone. You can’t miss it! Who should try this SDS (Sake Drinker’s Sake)? First and foremost, fans of Junmai sake who like richness and depth in a brew that is dry but bulky in feeling. There aren’t a lot of dry brews that are fat! (That’s the aging me thinks). Secondly,  vast red wine drinkers who like very rich and complex wines with total attitude and maturity. Lastly this “Holy Turtle” pairs beautifully with green olives, so if you love olives – just saying! 

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