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Sake Styles – IWA 5 Releases Assemblage #4

Sake Styles – IWA 5 Releases Assemblage #4


And here we go! Richard Geoffroy (former Chef de Cave, or cellar master, at Dom Pérignon) has whipped up 14 more tanks of Junmai Daiginjo sake, made with different rice varietals and different yeasts, and has blended “assemblage” style to create another tasty masterpiece.

Assemblage #4 is elegant and very well balanced for all of “that” brewing technique and style. Richard and his Toyama Prefecture team have taken sake making to another level, and now is your chance to taste their efforts.

What is cooler than that? Well, we are glad you asked! Team IWA(pronounced ee-wah) makes sake that you can bottle age. They say their sake gets even better with time using their assemblage and Kimoto technique. Richard recommends that you set at least a bottle or two down for some of your own personal aging.

In this light we still carry Assemblage #3, for those who like comparisons at the moment with their bottle of #4. And for those who want to further age their #3; brewed in 2021, they should get another bottle now as prices will go up for Assemblage #3. And yes, this is the first time that we can recollect that the price of sake goes up as the date ages. Perhaps this is another pioneering sake expression by Richard that goes along with the wine world that deals in age appreciation.

In any case, if you haven’t tried IWA 5 now is your chance to taste today and yesterday!

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