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Sake Tengoku – Taste Sake From Three Amazing Breweries

Sake Tengoku – Taste Sake From Three Amazing Breweries

First of all, what are you doing tomorrow, Saturday May 11th? Maybe you want to come to True Sake to try sake from three amazing sake breweries that are a big part of the Sake Tengoku portfolio.

Sake Tengoku was established in the Bay Area in 2010 to import and showcase a selection of small production, family owned breweries imported from Japan.  With 5 amazing breweries in her sake portfolio, Julie Bath has taken Sake Tengoku to new importing and distributing heights and with her team they look to share a fascinating sake portfolio with their Northern California accounts including True Sake and SAKE DAY.  Pound for pound, her sake breweries represent some of the best sake being made in Japan today by producers such as the three listed below who will blow you away with their technique, passion, and sake products. 

By all means join us as we welcome three Owners, Master Brewers, and Marketing Directors of the following three sake breweries that are on the forefront of sake making and innovation in the international sake market:    

1) Shirataki Sake Brewery (Jozen, Seven, and Uonuma Nojoun)
Almost all sake drinkers know this powerhouse sake brewery from Niigata Prefecture, and at some point in time they have tried some of the legendary brews including “Aqua – White – Pink – and Indigo.” But this brewery has other amazing lines and brands that are featured by Sake Tengoku including “Seven” and Uonuma. Herewith is a cool look at Jozen Mizugotoshi in the words of Daijiro Hosaka, who is the Export Manager and Market Director for this legendary sake brewery. Click Here to Read The Full Story of This Brewery

2) Inoue Seikichi Sake Brewery (Sawahime)
If you are a fan of the International Wine Challenge then you will most certainly know this Tochigi Prefecture’s sake, which has won the Grand Championship Sake Trophy on 2 separate occasions, which is almost unheard of in modern sake making. Sawahime is a legendary brand in sake today, and herewith is a statement by the President and Master Sake Brewer Mr. Hiroshi Inoue about his style of award winning sake. Click Here to Read The Full Story of This Brewery

3) Tsuji Zenbei Sake Brewery (Tsuji Zenbei and Sakuragawa) 
Tochigi Prefecture sake is hot right now in the international sake market, and no other brewery is hotter than Tusji Zenbei with cult sake drinkers in Japan and around the world. One young brewery owner and master sake maker is making his own very distinctive mark in this hot market, and herewith is a look at Hiroyuki Tsuji’s pride and joy brewery. Click Here to Read The Full Story of This Brewery

Read More About The Breweries Here

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