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The “Beau-Zone” Layer – Kinmon Akita X3 Amairo

The “Beau-Zone” Layer – Kinmon Akita X3 Amairo

From Akita Prefecture
Aged Junmai Genshu
SMV: N/A Acidity: N/A


If you asked me to pick one sake to bring to a sake “occasion” that included sake experts, aficionados, scholars, purists, brewers, sellers, enthusiasts, geeks, and newbies this bottle would be it! It’s the colloquial silver bullet that kills all of the sake vampires out there in one shot. It works. It is complex. It is brilliant. It is flavorful. It is engaging. It is fascinating. It is mysterious. It is enlightening. It is professional. It is a total sake winner, and it is damn tasty. But what is it? It’s an aged Junmai Genshu sake that was made using three times the normal amount of koji rice to make a brew that is rich in umami and velvety in feeling. It is Kinmon X3 Amairo that is imported by East West Wine Trading Inc.

A product of Akita Prefecture, I was so looking forward to the last SAKE DAY (18th Anniversary), because the owner and master brewer (Toji) from the Kinmon Sake Brewery was there to pour his perfection to all of our guests. I had so many compliments and questions to ask of him, but true to form I was too busy and only had about three minutes with this incredible sake man and producer. It kills me now to write this, because I really didn’t get to pick his brain and find out the reasons behind this masterpiece. Grrrrrr! But hopefully many of you did, and I am certain that you are better for it. This liquid complexity is thick, lush, and daring, which is perfect for pairing with rich cuisines as it almost drinks like a big complex Bordeaux with layers of personalities and a terrific balance that does well chilled and room temperature. It’s world class sake and it would appeal to anybody who wants to taste rice and water with a soul.    


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