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Sake Power – Fukushima Sake Is AWESOME!

Sake Power – Fukushima Sake Is AWESOME!

I can really say this about all Prefectures’ sake – that they are awesome, but when it comes to winning national and international sake competitions Fukushima has been on quite a winning streak. They truly are awesome. And the secret is out!

I’ve written extensively in past issues about my trip to Fukushima last summer, and how I was totally blown away by the fact that this prefecture actively tries to cultivate Gold Medals for the prefecture itself. It’s sort of like a collective effort. They are in it to “steal Golds” as one piece of internal-brewery-only literature stated. 

It’s pretty amazing to think about 9 years ago when Fukushima was sadly thought of as being a radioactive prefecture after the terrible Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. To go from Ground Zero to winning the Japanese National Sake Competition a record 7 years in a row is truly unbelievable. It’s actually remarkable. In 2018 Fukushima won 22 Gold Medals in the century-old competition, which became the all-time record in sake making history. How? “The combination of Fukushima sake’s high quality, sake brewer’s expert skill, and unending passion together are an example of ‘Fukushima Pride,’” wrote Fukushima’s Governor Uchibori. 

And now Fukushima wants you to feel Fukushima Pride, by hosting a free sake and sake tote bag give-away at True Sake. Starting November 1st if you purchase any of a number of Fukushima sakes from our inventory we will include a 300ml bottle of another Fukushima sake from a brewery called Naraman. Along with this gift bottle you will also receive a cool tote bag bragging about Fukushima sake. 


Sadly this promotion is only for Door Purchase, Delivery, and Pick-Up services.


We highly recommend that you visit the Fukushima on-line websites listed on their promotional post card to get the longer version of this incredible story, and then maybe organize a trip of your own to go visit the extremely beautiful Fukushima Prefecture. 

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