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Kamoizumi Kome Kome "Happy Bride"

tangerine, unique, light.
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Size: 500ml
The nose on this unique and specialty low alcohol brew is a cool collection of grape, ginger, marigold, yogurt, tart berries, spices, and steamed rice aromas. This product was made for newer and younger sake drinkers who like lower alcohol content (8% ABV) as well as bright and fruity flavors. Light, thin, acidic, and dry, this brew drinks with a lot of action and attitude. Look for tangerine, unripe pear, lemon-lime, white grape, SweeTARTS™, plum, and honey flavors that drink more like a Riesling. A unique drinking experience that has thousands of fans worldwide. WORD: Unique WINE: Riesling BEER: Citrus Ales FOODS: Fruit and cheese plates.