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Amabuki Himawari Junmai Ginjo Nama"Sunflower"

Junmai Ginjo Nama

This “nama” or “unpasteurized” sake (Typically sake is heated – pasteurized – twice as the preservative mechanism) has an interesting nose filled with base aromas such as brown grass, corn, honey and of course sunflower! Why “Of course” sunflower? Amabuki is a brewery known for using fun and new yeasts made from flowers and fruits, and this particular brew is made from sunflower yeast. Yes indeed! The result is a very intruiging sake that has layers and layers of flavors not typically found in the sake world. Look for starchy corn tones with hints of sweet potato and “of course” sunflower seed elements. Sake is a starch of course! There is also a unique sweet vein that gets lost in a larger vessel, but the soft, smooth and lush fluid does best with a nice chill. WORD: Sunflower WINE: Big reds/Dry whites BEER: Pilsners FOODS: Salty, savory, grilled fare with oils and saltiness.