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We will be closed for Independence Day, July 4th.
We will be closed for Independence Day, July 4th.

Kikusui Funaguchi "Black"

Futsushu Nama Genshu

All four of these sakes are pretty similar, but each has unique qualities. The nose on Black aka "Kunko" is a clean rice and mineral mix. This is the least “premium” of the cans, but it tastes cleaner and more compact – elegant – than the others. The balance is the first thing that hits the palate. It is not as huge and impactful as the Gold, Red, and Green cans, and it drinks even from first sip to the tail. There is a gentle sweetness but that plays second fiddle to the clean feeling and there is no kick. There are no mood swings with Black just a gentle nama “unpasteurized” drinking experience that is far more balanced than the other cans. WORD: Balanced WINE: Cabs/Sauvignon Blanc BEER: Clean ales FOODS: Salty and savory fare that has a gentle greasiness.