In the Can - 6 Sakes that Are Canned

There aren’t a lot of canned sakes in the sake world, so this amazing kit of sakes celebrates brews that bunk the bottle. Why in a can? Well packaging is one reason of course, but many feel that sake stays colder in a can than in a bottle and these sakes are very good served cold.


Each can has a sealant that prevents you from tasting aluminum, and the smaller cans are great for in the hand consumption. Pack these guys in places where glass cannot travel, and be careful as each of these cans packs a wallup as each brew is over 18% alcohol. These cans rock!


Narutotai Nama Genshu "Red Snapper": This amazing Ginjo Genshu sake is a carnival in the glass and is a perennial top seller at True Sake.


Minuto Tsuchizaki "Harbor": This sake is a wonderful velvet hammer that has a fistful of complexity and drinks large.


Kikusui Funaguchi “Monster Can”: This “monster” can is filled with 1,000ml of a powerful and tasty sake with hints of honey.


Kikusui Funaguchi “Black”: This little can is contains a very tasty and elegant sake that is even and balanced.


Kikusui Funaguchi “Gold”: This can is the little brother to the “monster can” and has a smooth and chewy sweetness.


Kikusui Funaguchi “Red”: This little can contains a brew that is smooth, round, and soft but has a hidden punch.


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