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Shirakawago Sasanigori Junmai Ginjo Nigori "Bamboo Leaf"

smooth, silky, clean.
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Size: 720ml
The nose on this perennial cloudy sake favorite is a nice collection of steamed rice, vanilla, raisin, yogurt, and yeasty aromas. Basically, this is an old school Nigori that has been popular for decades, and for good reason. It’s one of the drier unfiltered sakes that drinks smooth, light, watery, grainy, and milky, with a very nice slippery texture. Look for lots of vanilla, white bread, dried coconut flakes, and steamed rice flavors on a tannin-like dry flow, with some astringency that finishes clean, dry and ricey. This brew drinks as cool as it looks with it’s label that pays homage to the ancient buildings of Gifu. WORD: Ricey WINE: Dry Reds/Dry Whites BEER: Dry Ales FOODS: Bar snacks, street fare, beach fare, international spice.