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Fall Forward!

Welcome to the 134th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this “Fall Forward” issue learn the real skinny about the Fall Released sakes known as Hiyaoroshi, have fun with a scary Halloween Costume Cup Give-A-Way at True Sake, read why sake isn’t really scary, get the final wrap up of an excellent and historical Sake Day, catch a glimpse of a certain part of the sake industry that you may not known about – cleaning!, learn about the new sake certification program from the WSET, get spooked by Mei’s Top Ten Halloween sakes, feast on the new store arrivals of the most Hiyaoroshi sakes ever at True Sake, go Beau-Zoning with a special Fall Draft sake, check out our Instagram account, and finally discover why sake goes with pizza in Ask Beau!

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In this issue:

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