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True Cup – cUpdate!

Okay folks! Good news keeps coming our way! The first volley of permits have made their way through Nodor or whatever deep dark impassable forest you can think of - and all looks good! The SF building and permit board is like some movie set filled with doom and gloom but you can't keep us down! (In fact they too are very excited for the project and we have sake champions on the inside!)

True Cup August 2015a

Our bar layout design is superb and you will surely want to hunker down at this very sake-centric bar counter for hours of tasting, learning, and exploring. We have added a very unique, and perhaps, a first-of-its-kind warm sake station that will blow your socks off on those cold blustery evenings!

We are in negotiations with a very prominent artist in the Bay Area who is planning a killer installation on the one very prominent wall opposite the bar. This will look amazing from inside as well as outside!

And as soon as we break ground we will go under wraps with a clever window covering to hide our stellar project during construction ... But if you want more cUpdates! You'll have to follow us on our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) where we will also be having contests to win passes to our soft openings and our media events!

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