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New Store Arrivals – Takeno, Isojiman, Den 8, Tenko 20, Chogetsu, Taiten

Yasakatsuru Kameno Okurabu

From Kyoto Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo. SMV: -6 Acidity: 2.2

The nose on this aged Junmai Ginjo has a unique collection of grape, blueberry, pear, and steamed rice aromas. Talk about a super unique sake! Take note you sake aficionados. Behold a brew made with the rice varietal Kameno o and is purposely aged to make a fuller and more unique sake. This “different” style brew has a frisky sweetness that drinks more tingly than sweet. Look for plum, pear, persimmon, powdered sugar, tangerine, and Concord grape flavors that merge into a fat yet crisp fluid that is vivid and edgy. As the sake warms it gets more expansive and complex and excels in a large wine glass. This sake cannot be found anywhere outside of Japan, and was first tasted at SAKE DAY 2018. WORD: Unique WINE: Deep reds/fat whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Shellfish, oysters, sushi, sashimi, Foie Gras, game, fowl. 

Isojiman “Seashore Pride”

From Shizuoka Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo. SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.3

The nose on this very famous Junmai Ginjo is a collection of raisin, rich fruit, cocoa, and creamy berries. This is a world class sake that is very much in the style of Shizuoka sake that is round, velvety, creamy, and loaded with umami, rice, and rich fruit flavors. Thick, plump, bright, round, and smooth this layered brew has elements of melon, pears, red apple, oatmeal, and cooked cherries flavors that turn more rich when warmed and morph into nougat and marshmallow hints. It’s a great sake to explore juicy and creamy flavors in one glass. Elegant and very tasty this brew should be on your list. WORD: Velvety WINE: Soft Reds/Plump Whites BEER: Creamy Ales FOODS: Rich and flavorful cuisine, grilled chicken and fish.  

Den Batch #8

From Oakland Prefecture. Junmai Nama.

The nose on this next batch brew is a gentle collection of yeast, vanilla, melon, and rice aromas. This is a little different batch of Den Sake. It has more roundness and smooth textures with hints of rice richness and fruit elements with a wine drinker’s tail. Fresh, zesty, and lively this brew has hints of waffle cone, honey, crisp apple, and honeydew melon uplifting flavors. It is semi-dry and has a liquid richness that speaks to big red wine drinkers. WORD: Round WINE: Big Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Grilled chicken, burgers, sausages, pasta, and pizza.

Tenko 20

From Akita Prefecture. Junmai Daiginjo. SMV: +/-0 Acidity:1.3

The nose on this ultra Daiginjo is sexy collection of strawberry, melon, pear, apple, and white blossom aromas. Say hello to a “Once in a lifetime” sake that should be on every sake drinker’s bucket list. Kodama Jozo brewery as taken AAA Yamadanishiki brewing rice milled to 20% (80% removal) to new and amazing levels. This is a very very velvety sake that is liquid luxury in a glass. It is beautiful and a work of art, but more importantly it is amazing tasting. Clean, round, and semi-viscous there are juicy flavors such as papaya, apple, mango, pear, and powder sugar. It is very soft and very layered and defines “silky” sake. It is a great feeling sake and excels in a white wine glass. WORD: Luxurious WINE: Vintage Reds/Round Whites BEER: Gentle Ales FOODS: Champagne fare.  

Taiheizan Chogetsu “Clear Moon”

From Akita Prefecture.  Junmai Ginjo. SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.6

The nose on this very class Junmai Ginjo is a gentle collection of honey, apple blossom, citrus, and rice aromas. This is a great diversion from the bright and fruity Ginjos that have flooded the sake market. Rich, round, and super smooth this brew has layers of creamy flavors and drinks fluffy and soft. There are hints of honey, grains, rich fruit compote, and breakfast cereal flavors that evolve into a creamy raisin and pear finish. Chogetsu is a great example of a creamy sake and it warms quite nicely too. A terrific “feeling” sake that should not be missed. WORD: Creamy WINE: Soft Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Creamy Ales FOODS: Meats, game, stews, pasta, roasted chicken and potatoes. 

Taiten Shiragiku Shizuku 

From Okayama Prefecture. Shizuku Daiginjo. SMV: +6 Acidity: 1.2

The nose on this specially brewed Daiginjo is a bright collection of grape, berry, tropical fruit, and grapefruit aromas. Say hello to a sake that is made in the most labor intensive capacity (Shizuku or gravity drip) and has a frisky attitude that says I’m both smooth and bright. How cool is that? A daiginjo with kick. Juicy, lush, plump, lively, brash, chewy, and smooth each sip is a delicious wonder. How do all of those great flavors jump around so much? Look for vanilla, berry, grape, tangerine, and tropical flavors on a plump and viscous flow that is very active in the palet. If you like exciting sakes this brew is for you! If you like attitude this brew is for you! If you like both smooth and bright this brew is for you! WORD: Tropical WINE: Frisky Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: American sushi, international spice, bright fruit and cheese plates, champagne fare.
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