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Sake Archives A

Love is in the air! This month I had the pleasure of seeking out True Sake's steamiest articles in preparation for the heady month of February. I'm referring to steam under the sheets, but don't forget the steam that begins the sake brewing process! Sake is a labor of love and these few articles bring that fact to life.


Let's start with a little drinking instruction for you naughty imbibers:


Valentine's Night! - Hot Night, Cold Sake! - "Don't pop that cork!" - (February 2005)


Five years later and it's less about HOW to enjoy sake with a lover and more to do with the love of sake in general! Read about how to honor St. Valentine himself by drinking nihonshu: Sake Love - A True St. Valentine's Gift - (February 2010)


Sake Archives B

We should all take a moment to think about the amount of heart and devotion it takes to create such a magnificent beverage. Here is an article that reminds us of the passion and generosity of sake brewing: Sake Style - Sake is Made with Love - (February 2014)


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