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SIN – Get Your Sake Industry Newsletter Today!

SIN – Get Your Sake Industry Newsletter Today!

Our good friend John Gauntner has done it again! After his numerous books on sake, his sake educational program, and his monthly newsletter John has hit another home run in the sake industry. Over the SAKE DAY weekend, John shared with me his draft and now first issue of the Sake Industry Newsletter, which I immediately termed SIN! I must say that I was blown away with the idea and the quality of materials that John explores. I basically joked that he has now put the True Sake Newsletter out of business! I asked John if he would like to write something about SIN for the newsletter and here is his introduction to you about his latest much needed sake endeavor:

Sake Industry News

Know more. Appreciate more.
Launching on October 1; free until December 1

"If you were to ask someone that is knowledgeable about the adult beverage of any significant region of the world the names of the top ten brands or producers, they would rattle them off without hesitation. That familiarity and affinity with the industry helps them talk about it and sell it more enjoyably and effectively. This kind of a connection, this flow of information from the industry in Japan, does not yet exist. Sake Industry News will fill that gap. Sake Industry News will strive to be more of a source of information for getting to know the industry. It will also tackle technical topics from time to time, and will present them assuming that the readership is up to speed on the basics. The cost for a one-year subscription (24 issues, delivered to your email inbox on the 1st and 15th of each month) is US$100. And as a limited-time offer, subscribe before December 1, 2019 and receive a 20 percent discount for life! For life. Interested in seeing what the actual newsletters might look like?"

Go here to access sample issues, and subscribe as well.


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