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Sake Presents – Two Pre-Made Holiday Gift Sets By Tatsuriki and Kamatsuru

Sake Presents – Two Pre-Made Holiday Gift Sets By Tatsuriki and Kamatsuru

Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t have the time or inclination to buy Holiday Gifts, and yes we wait until the last minute. We are only human right? Instead of expending energy that you are oh so lacking why not take a chance with one of these two awesome gift sets made for sake drinkers for the holidays.

*Get them while they last!


Set #1 – The Warm and The Wonderful

Tatsuriki Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai 720ml bottle w/ Specially Designed Tokkuri & Two Ochoko

This is an amazing warming sake that will take your giftee to new and wonderful warming heights. People have such bad misconceptions about hot sake. Thinking that it tastes like jet fuel on fire. This is so wrong. Warm and hot sake made with excellent warming sake is such a revelation and really opens the eyes of new sake drinkers who think that hot sake is bad and cold sake is the best. The set includes the perfect warming sake, 2 little Ochoko (Warm sake cups) and 1 Tokkuri (Tall warming chimney-shaped vessel). The recipient would take the sake and fill the Tokkuri – bring a half-filled pan of water to a boil – then place the Tokkuri in the hot water bath (turning off the flame) for 3-5 minutes – and then filling both Ochoko with warm wonderful sake. 

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Set #2 – The Gold and Glorious

Kamotsuru Tokusei Gold 180ml Square Bottles x 4, 180ml Tear Drop Bottles x 4, Toyo-Sasaki Sipping Glass x 1

This is a glorious “Kinpaku” or gold flake sake sampler. Is gold flake sake like Goldschlager party booze? Hell NO! This is extremely refined Junmai Daiginjo sake from Hiroshima Prefecture that was given to former President Obama by former Prime Minister Abe on a trip to Japan. There are two beautiful gold flakes in each bottle and they represent the fact the Japanese White Cranes mate for life. Two Cranes for life. Very symbolic and very flavorful premium sake that is perfectly served chilled. 

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